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Fertilization & Weed Control

Get your lawn looking great again! Our fertilization and weed control program is designed to ensure your lawn is healthy, green, beautiful, and weed free all season long. You'll be happy you gave us a call!

Deep Root Fertilization

Nampa    Caldwell    Meridian    Kuna

What to Expect for a Lawn Treatment Visit

Our fertilization and weed control program is a 6-round treatment program starting in mid-March and ending around mid-October, with applications every 4 to 6 weeks. Our treatment program includes spring weed prevention, lawn weed control, lawn nutrients in every application, and precisely timed applications to make sure your lawn has what it needs to thrive.

For each treatment, you will receive a notification a few days in advance and second notification the day of. On the scheduled day, a trained and uniformed fertilization technician will arrive at your property. If it's the first service, the technician will knock on the front door, introduce him/herself, and answer any questions you might have. The technician will then proceed to apply the treatment to the lawn. Once finished, the tech will blow off any product that has fallen on walkways, patios, or driveways. Before departing, a small flag will be placed in the lawn to indicate that the service has been completed.


A well-maintained lawn will utilize the treatment to remain in good health. If this is your first fertilization and weed control application, you can expect to start seeing results within 1-2 weeks. Given the right nutrients and weed control agents, your lawn will start to get greener, healthier, and thicker. You (and your neighbors) are going to notice a big difference and you'll be glad you called us!

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us and let us know how we can help, either by clicking the "Quote" button and filling out the short contact form or by phone call at 208-242-4109. All we need is your name, contact info, address, and a short description of your needs. We want to hear from you!

  2. Get a Quote: Once we have your info we can put together a quote for your fertilization and weed control package and get back to you by the end of the day. 

  3. Start your Service: Once you approve the quote for your lawn treatment package, we'll quickly set up your account and get your first service scheduled right away. We'll have your lawn looking amazing and you'll be glad you hired us.

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